Nacho is “the little engine that could”, a tiny but powerfull bulldozer:):). Born and raised in Barksville, we are delighted and amused every day with his joyful attitude His affection toward his hoomans is just about the right amount…he would not want to exaggerate…:):) He barks like a big dog, and he sleeps like a little angel.

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  • 2019 Bucharest
    • CAC – 2XEXC 1, 2XCACJ, 2XBJ, 2XBM, 2XBOB
    • CACIB – 2XEXC 1, 2XCACJ, BJ, BOB
    • Romanian Champion 2019
    • Best Couple II
  • Dog Sport results Nov 2019 – First Corgi ever to enter and win BH obedience trials – basic formal obedience as well as practical tests of the dog’s character in everyday situations.

  • 1st place at CCBO Championship – Oradea
  • 2nd place at Tracya Cup BRFK – Bulgaria