AussiePride Australian Shepherds Kennel

Who better to put up with our shenanigans than an Aussie friend…they are specialy trained to be our play buddies! Our sister kennel, with the most beautiful and precious australian shepherd friends.

Bucharest, Romania
+4 0723 219 827 – Dana Niculescu

Adi Stoicoviciu - Photographer

Supreme CorgiDad and master photographer! Coud’t look that cool and sassy without our own professional photographer. He gets to deal with all the superstars that we are…lucky him

Adi Stoicoviciu

DaisyVet – Cabinet Veterinar

We love being healthy Corgis, that’s why we’re no 1 fans for theese professional and smart doctors. Couldn’t get where we are without them, thank you DasyVet from our big hearts (and small paws)

Str. Cpt. Av. Alexandru Serbanescu Nr. 34
Sector 1, Bucuresti
+4 021 233 3714, +4 0769 255 234

Julius Club resaj

Another kind of school, with fun and responsible teachers, who guide us throuhg better understanding our hoooomans, to build perfect relations.

Domnesti, Ilfov (Bucuresti – Prelungirea Ghencea)
+4 0722 68 39 48, +4 0727 65 81 60

Lari Rotaru, Specialised dog trainer and behaviorist

If dogs could talk, they sure would talk to Lari. And then Lari would easily translate it to human language…

+4 0723 966 137

Nature Instinct – Hrana raw pentru caini si pisici

When Corgis says food, they mean natural and healthy fresh meat and veggies our own masterchef specialy designed for us. This is why we are beautiful, healthy and smart.

Irina – +4 0735 859 289

Puppylicious Boutique

Our corgi couture fashion designer, who dress us for succes. who better to model the exclusive line than us??

@ puppyliciousboutique
@ puppyliciousboutique


It’s a fact corgis are the greatest and awesomest. And aussies too! But then again… also shibas… and akitas I guess…the ones From Wolf Point Kennel 😉
Gusti Ionescu – +4 0722 516 398